Appreciation by my students

MC ITN EJD CHAMELEON funding awarded 2020

given Graduation Address 2018
(University of St Andrews’ afternoon ceremony on 27 June 2018: here)

Visiting researcher at the Universities of Groningen and Amsterdam
(Autumn 2018, NWO and LKBF funded)

Visiting professor at the University of Vienna
(Spring 2011, visiting Prof. Manuel Guedel )

ERC starting grant 2010 awarded
All 2010 UK Grant Winners

Tiburtius-Preis 2000 / Tiburtius award 2000
Award for the best PhD Thesis of all universities in Berlin
Stoelzl verleiht Tiburtius-Preis
TU intern: Tiburtius-Preis
Nachwuchswissenschaftlerin der TU Berlin erhaelt Tiburtius-Preis

Workshop “From Brown Dwarfs to Planets:
Chemistry and Dust Formation”

selected for funding by the Lorentz Center,
University Leiden, The Netherlands (2006)

Helling et al. (2004) was cover paper
in Astronomy & Astrophysics 423 / 2004

ESA Darwin research fellow
2005 – 2007

Post-doc fellow in the program of Berlin (Germany)
for promotion of equal opportunity of women in science and teaching

2005 & 2006 (2006 declined)

Post-doc in the German priority research project
Analysis and Numerics of Conservation Equations

PhD fellow of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZIT)